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The TRADOC is responsible for establishing the fictional universe for the Corps. Specifically, he is responsible for developing materials and programs for the MFMC Academy, and for developing the MFMC’s doctrine (the way in which the MFMC would intend to conduct operations in the Trek future). TRADOC invents and develops equipment, organization, strategy and tactics to complete the doctrinal picture of the MFMC universe; then trains the members in it. TRADOC may also appoint Instructors to administrate development and training issues particular to a certain Branch of Service.


TRADOC Commander
pip_mcpo_green.jpg Sergeant Major John Kane

Deputy Commander of TRADOC
pip_lcdr_green.jpg Major Bill Rowlette


pip_como_green.jpg General Marc Easterly
pip_fcapt_green.jpg Brigadier General Anne Zecca
pip_capt_green.jpg Colonel Manuel Guajardo
pip_capt_green.jpg Colonel Charles Shananaquet II
pip_capt_green.jpg Force Colonel Tyler Pugh

Here is a Listing of Courses that TRADOC offers through the Academy

Marines 101: MFMC Leadership I: Boot Camp

  • An introduction to the MFI Marine Corps, including history, traditions and functions

Marines 102: MFMC Leadership II: History of the NCO

  • Prerequisites: MAS 101

Marines 103: MFMC Leadership III: Role of the Officer

  • Prerequisites: MAS 101 & MAS 102
  • Corequisites: LDS 101 & LDS 201

Marines 104: Basic MEKK

  • Introductory course for the M.F.M.C. Mekk branch

Marines 201: MFMC Equipment

  • This course is designed to familiarize marines with some of the weapons and equipment in the MFMC.
  • Prerequisites: MAS 101

Marines 202: Mekk Lance Leader

  • This is the intermediate Course of the MFMC Mekk program.
  • Corequisites: MAS 101, 104, LDS 201
  • Successful completion entitles the Marine to wear the Gold Mekk Sabers.

Marines 203: Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician

Marines 204: Force Recon MOS Course

Marines 301: General Staff Warfare College

Marines 302: Directed Advanced Study

Marines 302: Mekk Company Leader

  • Corequisites: MAS 101, MAS 202, 104, LDS 201
  • Successful completion entitles the Marine to wear the Silver Mekk Sabers.

MFMC Manuals
MFMC Weapons and equipment
TRADOC Projects

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