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Due to a coding situation with moodle the Academy Staff is offering this alternate plan which involves students emailing the Deans or related staff directly. This may take time as staff must manually pull the information relating to courses from the old moodle system. Please see below for the procedure.


Greetings Welcome to the Badlands Academy Campus Site B. How this works is as follows:

1. Email the Dean of the College you are interested in with the course information of the exact course(s) you wish to take. Dean Informational Page

2. The Dean will check to make sure the student is a member in good standing and any prerequisites (for example all members must take the New Member Exam in the Leadership College before taking any other courses).

3. If all goes well the Dean will email the exam and links to any related source material to the student.

4. Then the student sends back the answers to be manually graded by the Dean.

5. Dean will then record the student in their own records, sending to the Deputy Commandant, and sending to Operations so the Database can be updated.

6. While awards department will check known sources for awards for each member reguarly, it would behoove the member to notify awards department of new awards.

7. If after 7 days from the date of email one has not heard from the Dean they are to contact the Deputy Commandant. If one has not heard from them in another 7 days they are to contact the Academy Admin Officer.

8. If there is not an email listed for a Dean, one is to contact the Academy Admin Officer who will forward (with a CC to the student) the message to the proper party. Contact The Academy Maquis Reference Librarian

Important Links

To contact the Commandant, Deputy Commandant and Other Academy Support Staff, List of Academy Deans

Open Colleges

Below are the colleges and courses that have been certified as being available under this new system.

Aviation College

AVI_101: Maquis Pilot
AVI_102: History of Space Flight
AVI_201: Flight Leader
AVI_301: Squadron Leader

Communications College

COM_101: MFI Netiquette
COM_201: Cryptography

Computer Operations College

CSI_101: Introduction to Computer Science
CSI_102: 24th Century Computer Components Exam

Engineering College

ENG_101: Introduction to Engineering
ENG_201: Mekk Engineer

Klingon College

KLI_101: New Warriors Exam

Law College

Law_101: Introduction to Law
Law_102: Operational Law
Law_103: Dates With Legal Significance in the Star Trek Universe
Law_104: Introduction to Planetary Law
Law_201: Klingon Law
Law_202: Romulan Law
Law_203: Ferengi Business Law
Law_204: Intermediate Planetary Law
Law_205: Cardassian Law
Law_206: Bajoran Law
Law_301: Legal Documents and Codes
Law_302: Advanced Planetary Law

Leadership College

LDS_101: New Member Exam
LDS_102: Convention Security Level 1
LDS_103: Rank Recognition
LDS_104: Ribbon Recognition
LDS_201: Cell Command
LDS_202: Convention Security Level 3
LDS_301: Convention Security Level 3

Liberal Arts College

LIB_100: History, Terran/ American Presidents (19th and 20th Century overview of Earth Country U.S Leadership)
LIB_101: History, Maquis/ Origins of the Maquis Level 1
LIB_102: Art, Galaxy/ Galactic Art Appreciation
LIB_103: Music, Galaxy/ Galactic Music Appreciation
LIB_104: Literature, Galaxy/ Galactic Comparative Literature
LIB_201: History, Maquis/ Origins of the Maquis Level 2
LIB_301: History, Maquis/ Origins of the Maquis Level 3

Marine College

MC_101: MFMC Leadership 1: Boot Camp
MC_102: MFMC Leadership 2: History of the NCO
MC_103: MFMC Leadership 3: Role of the Officer
MC_104: Mekk Basic
MC_201: MFMC Equipment
MC_202: Mekk Lance Leader
MC_203: Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician
MC_302: Mekk Company Leader

Medical College

MED_101: Basic Medicine
MED_110: Ship's Counselor
MED_102: Cardiology
MED_103: Medical Terminology
MED_104: Medical Equipment
MED_201: Klingon Anatomy
MED_202: Pharmacology
MED_203: Alien Medicine
MED_301: Aerospace Medicine

Romulan College

RS_101: Introduction to Maquis Romulan Legion

Science College

SCI_101: General Science
SCI_102: Planetology I
SCI_103: Astronomy I
SCI_104: Nutrition I
SCI_201: Chemistry II
SCI_202: Planetology II
SCI_203: Astronomy II
SCI_204: Nutrition II
SCI_301: Chemistry III
SCI_304: Nutrition III

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