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MFI Summit Meeting - 2009

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MFI Summit Meeting, 2009.
Meeting in an undisclosed location secretly to conduct official Force business, a majority of the MFI leadership convened to discuss matters of high security, ranging from diplomatic negotiations, projects in progress, upcoming events and other necessary minutiae.

Meeting each of the other participants for the first time in person, FADM Cummings called the meeting to order; following everyone's arrival via different routes and methods of travel to avoid detection. Also in attendance was the wife of FADM Davis, Tracey Davis. Congratulations were exchanged in the very recent wedding of the two - and they were wished all the best by everyone involved.

In order, from left to right: FADM Gary A. Davis, Chief of Special Services; GEN Christina R. Doane, Vice International Coordinator; FADM Samuel S. H. Cummings, International Coordinator and FADM Robert G. Johnson, M.D., Chief of Staff.

FADM Cummings called the meeting to order by curtly and loudly screaming, "Okay, WHERE'S THE BEER!?!" He was later answered by GEN Doane with several bottles of Chateau Picard, 2381.

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