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Tactical Fighter Carrier




This is a Nøva Class Cruiser built at the Badlands Naval Ship Yards. Unlike her cousins, the Miranda Class conversion carriers, Nøva was designed and built as a Tactical Fighter Carrier. In addition, Nøva Class Carriers will be capable of carrying carrying a contingent of Danube class Runabouts, and the newer Arrow Runabouts. Nova is part of an aggressive program of starship development and construction helping make the Maquis a major power in the Alpha Quadrant.

Based on the Starfleet Nøva class, this vessel differs in that Deck 3 and 4 have been made into an expansive shuttle bay. The novelty of this design is the "pass through" hangar bay which allows a fighter to land from the stern, and launch from the bow. Like her cousins, Nova class ships will ferry a variety of smaller craft providing both protection within her hull for transport, as well as providing orbital cover while making landing operations. In addition to providing orbital and patrol area protection for fighters, the Nova class can actually descend and land on planetary bodies. This enables Nova Class carriers to serve as land bases for squadrons and personnel.

Utilizing the variety of craft belonging to the Runabout Task Forces, these ships can be used for deployment when establishing Base Camps, or Colonizing new areas. Additionally, a Assault Carrier version will carry ground forces for planetary operations.

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Arrow Carrier Mode

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Runabout Carrier Mode

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