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This is historical material, 'frozen in time.' This page is no longer updated and links, external or otherwise may not work.


Team Qang - 2006


Your Vote Is Much Appreciated

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Team Qang is made up of an honorable and competent group of individuals who are dedicated to the principles and beliefs of Maquis Forces International. Most of us have had several years in the middle management in MFI and promise to bring you the same level of competence as in years past with the same continued fun that you've come to expect from the Maquis, paving the way for more fun and continued excitement as we journey through our second decade of making history. I'm proud to call myself Klingon MAQUIS -- as are the rest of us. Most of us have been in Klingon fandom as long or longer than we've been in the Maquis.

Team Qang does not plan to make any major changes in the Maquis that we've enjoyed in the past. I, as leader of this team, hold the Maquis very near and dear to my heart, as I've devoted time, energy, thought and devotion to the maintainence of the whole Maquis movement. I've been very proud to serve you and hope that I can continue serving you through the upcoming years.

In Honor and Service on behalf of my candidate staff,

Larry D. French, Sr.
(Lt. General K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK)
IC Candidate

If you would like to view my platform as a Candidate, click here.

Coordinator Council


pip_vadm_black.jpg International Coordinator
Larry D. French, Sr. (K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK)

pip_fcapt_red.jpg Vice International Coordinator
Jack Kern

pip_fcapt_black.jpg Chief of Staff
Deb Kern

pip_radm_black.jpg Chief of Operations
Steve Lackey

pip_radm_black.jpg Chief of Computer Operations
Logan Andrews

pip_fcapt_black.jpg Chief of Communications

pip_fadm_red.jpg Academy Commandant/Chief of Maquis Education and Training
Dr. R. J. McCoy

Maquis Department and Branch Heads

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