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Chief of Operations (COO) Directory for FADM Joshua Laury
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Maquis Forces International Chief of Operations

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Force Captain Michael Tolleson - COO Bio
Chief of Operations
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Force Captain Michael Tolleson
Chief of Operations

Welcome to MFI Operations

Maquis Forces International Operations is the central coordinating point for all of our members. While individual Cells/Ships/Units are self governing, our various operations above cell level are coordinated by the Staff of Operations.

My Second in command is the official backup Chief of Operations who works closely with myself to ensure the smooth running of the entire Operations Department. Said person also is the Head of our Membership Department. She is responsible for processing new members and cells. Awards are another responsibility she oversees. She also works very closely with the CompOps Department to ensure our database is kept up to date.

My staff of Zone Coordinators keeps in touch with the COs of the various Cells by region, helping units as needed. In addition, my Office receives regular reports from the various Branches [such as MFMC, KTF, MRL, and limited reports from both SOC and SSD] on their activities and overall health.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions.

Thank you and look forward to working with everyone of you

Maquis Forever!
FCapt Michael Tolleson

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--ADM Joshua Laury 00:13, 19 Jan 2015 (EST)

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