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SEALS Team III -- LDO '11 Mission Logs

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Trek Bar


MFS Serendipity (MCE)

(Compliance Task Group, under-weigh to Barkon IV - 43 hours prior)

The Maquis Corp of Engineers (MCE) Team aboard MFS Serendipity responded with a crash program following assignment by ADM Lackey. The suspected compromise of SOC PAVE Intruder cloak technology revealed by the Team 5 setback in their mission on Barkon IV was a disaster. Analysis failed to reveal any evidence to support security compromise as a factor. However an emergency security update on all vessel remote command codes has since been implemented. The new vessel codes were installed using a multi-part software upgrade that was installed via multiple isolated sources. The expectation was to minimize the damage any unknown preexisting leaks or moles might inflict and prevent compromise of the new codes. The Engineering Team also devised a new pattern of synthetic aperture modulation for the cloaking systems in use by the SOC PAVE ships. Orders were issued to upgrade the fleet ASAP.


(Barkon IV 0230 local - One day prior)

MFS Scavenger [RS-41] descends silently in the darkened sky over a remote part of the great ocean just below the northern ice pack. Her cloak flickers, then is shut down revealing a large dark craft suspended in a special cradle below her hull. The cargo is a SpecOps SHARC submersible. Multiple tractors flash "on", locking clamps are released, and the SHARC is released on the ocean surface. As the tractors shut down and the Scavengers cloak re-engages, the SHARC silently disappears below the surface. The Ju'day T-Rex class salvage ship returns to rendezvous following her mission. Less than 30 seconds elapsed, the empty sea returns to normal tranquility.


(Barkon IV... T-minus-6 hours - travelling submerged)

"Sir, all systems are at 100 percent. No contacts. On course." reported the helmsman.

Captain Terry Sandeen, SEALS Team 3 XO, acknowledged the report and then resumed his thoughts. He smiled thinking about how badly Admiral Lackey wanted to be here on this mission. He keyed the link for All Hands Conference, "Ronin here. Time to review the Mission. Roll call." He waited while the operatives went through the list in sequence. It didn't take long. Three 8-person sections of Team 3 were on-board: Admin section 3-1, Boarding Section 3-2, and Security section 3-6. The remainder of the Team would be in position to assist in the extraction phase of the mission and to provide hot backup if things went sour.

"One more time... In two and a half hours we will deploy four of our Nemo APUs manned by our Boarding Section 3-2. You will proceed randomly towards the target employing full aquatic mimicry, posing as a pod of small "Great White" indigenous sharks. At T-minus-20 minutes, you will pass no closer than 1,000 meters abeam and beneath the target--the Luxury Yacht Privilege. You will engage the autopilot to maintain station keeping and exit the Nemo APUs. From there you will proceed using Squid packs with your Aquatic Suits. Four operatives will breech the starboard main docking hatch on the Main/Bridge/2nd Deck. Two will breech Escape Pod 1 from below and head to the main engineering spaces on Deck One to secure it. The last two operatives are tasked to gain access to the Deck One Observation Deck."

"From the point where the Nemos are launched, the SHARC will head off to an indirect approach to the Privilege. We will simulate a whale hunting back and forth while steadily moving closer to the target. At T-minus-5 minutes, we will make a submerged approach across the bow of the target. At T-plus-3 minutes, we will breach the surface ahead of the Privilege as a distraction while the Boarding Team completes neutralization of the hostiles and rescue of the hostages. Elements of Sections 3-1 and 3-6 will be ready and on-call to supplement and assist Section 3-2."

"Any questions or comments?", Sandeen asked. There were none worth serious mention. These SEALS had been together a long time and used dry humor to keep their nerves sharp and wits honed.

"Good. Once that is accomplished, our primary plan will be to recover our Team members and the rescued hostages aboard the SHARC. We will make a decision when time comes on the disposition of the Privilege. Try to avoid damaging the vessel. Backup plans possibly include using the Privilege for extraction. All hostiles MUST be disabled completely to cover our withdrawal and escape. Our destination will be to join up with friendly forces at a former drilling rig upgraded to a comm hub for the hostile merc force, callsign "Marathon". The rescued hostages will be shuttled offworld ASAP from there.

Sandeen closed with, "One last concern is that the enemy appears to have compromised our cloak technology which was used in support of Team 5's original recon mission on Barkon IV. We have NOT been able to confirm this, but we are still implementing corrective counter-measures. MCE provided an upgrade modification that seems to have worked. Our insertion appears to have been successful, but continue to expect the unexpected. The mercs seem well trained and equipped. Do not under estimate them."

Luxury Yacht Privilege

(Bridge, Sat 0218 local)

The Mercenary Commander enters, drawing the attention of the lone warrior keeping the helm. The Commander was a former Cardassian Naval Officer with stiff bearing and a no-nonsense tone to his voice. "Have any orders come in tonight?"
"No Sir. The comm has been silent since early Thursday morning."
"Anything to report?"
"Everything has been quiet. Nothing to report on surface or overhead. Have been tracking a whale that seems to be hunting off to our north and a pod of probable sharks feeding to our southwest. Nothing significant... eh? What is this..?"

At that moment gas starts to emit from the ventilation system. Alarms go off on the control console from all over the ship and the forward view screen automatically activates showing a strange creature/vessel surfacing off the bow. The engines go silent, power goes off, and dim emergency lighting comes on. In the eerie glow, a dark figure wearing a mask points a weapon and fires two quick shots. The mercs hit the deck not knowing what happened.

"3-2 Prime calling 3-1, message delivered on time. Proceed."

The SHARC moved along the starboard side docking hatch of Privelege. CAPT Terry "Ronin" Sandeen led the way along with the rest of the HQ/Admin Team. The technicians scattered into the ship looking for every bit of data, logs, and other intell they could quickly find. The Team Doctor was hurried off by the boarding team Medic. The team Master Chief headed off to inspect and re-clear the ship followed by two SEALS.

CDR "Ichy" Jane, 3-2 Prime, who led the boarding began to brief Ronin, "Things went pretty much according to plan, but then we did have some problems. The two assigned to the top deck, 'UP' and 'Lefteye' started off taking out two mercs but missed two others out on the weather deck forward of the deck proper. The Senior Chief took a full blaster hit and it looks pretty bad--he may loose his arm. He's mobile right now pumped full of stims. 'UP' managed to take out both of the surprises but also took a hit to his leg. It is minor and he'll be fine. There was a small 4 seat Flyer found where they were found."

"The lower deck was the first one breeched via one of the old landing leg bays. An access panel was missing which made it quick for 'Sparky' and 'Spash' to get inside. The one merc in the engineering space was found napping. He never woke up. 'Sparky' took a minute to download an over-ride worm into the engineering terminal and keyed it to kill engines, weapons, and power. He also activated the anti-intruder gas system. Once finished he and 'Splash' took out another merc in the med bay standing watch over the Governors Suite just as the lights went out. Inside the Suite we found Admiral Viridian bandaged up unconscious, the Nanny Natira, and the girl Brianna Gia. The two pilot/engineers were in restraints. Turns out one of the body guards was working for the mercs on the inside. He tried to grab the girl, but 'Splash' saw him pulling out a weapon and removed his head. Seems the hostages didn't know it until then either. The other two body guards bodies were found in the cold storage locker on deck two.

"My group entered the main/mid deck. We splashed two mercs in the dining area. The noise attracted four more from the staterooms. We also found another hostage working in the galley. He barely missed a knife from 'Happy' but dodged it while breaking the neck of one of the mercs. I headed for the bridge just as lights went out. The merc commander and one other were eliminated there. The helpful hostage turns out to be the Governors Personal Chef. Says his name is Casey Ryback. He checks out with the others. In summary, we neutralized 14 mercs plus one sleeper. We rescued six hostages. We had two wounded team members and the Admiral is in bad shape."

You could see the tension in Ronins face, "Thank you Itchy. Lets transfer the wounded and the hostages to the SHARC. Have the Nemos retrieved and stowed. I want Sparky and Nova to rig remote overrides to fly this beast if it can do it as a backup. Also have someone place charges we can activate to destruct if needed. The rest can move the bodies to the cargo deck. Give'em all cards and record the video/DNA of each."

Each dead merc is given a playing card, back side out. An aquatic seal juggling three balls. The background is black with many small eyes looking from the darkness. The merc commander gets five cards, face showing. Aces and Eights. The Dead Mans Hand.

"Fifteen minutes... On the bounce..."

Transit to Marathon base

storage while in work..?

  • Cardassian "Hideki" class - Patrol Ship/Attack Fighter/Pursuit Vessel 85.78 60.14 12.43
    • weapons include disruptora and Galor class phaser arrays

<<< Transmission Interrupted -- Attempting Re-Connection >>>

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