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This is historical material, 'frozen in time.' This page is no longer updated and links, external or otherwise may not work.

MFI Elections 2006 - 2007

Welcome to the Election Pages. Below is a list of the Candidates and links to their various pages pertaining to MFI's International Coordinator election.

Please look over each of the candidates' "Platform" and "Team" pages, so your Chapter's Commanding Officer may cast a well informed vote in the Nomination and Election phases.

R.Johnson, IC


The Candidates

VADM Samuel Cummings

LGEN Larry French

Rules Of Engagement

MFI's Election Rules Page

Campaign Email List

Stay informed!
Sign up for the Maquis Campaign Listserv and stay abreast of election discussions.

Maquis-Campaign Listserv link

Election Voting Booth

The official Voting Booth used for the 2006-2007 IC Election is located in the Maquis Academy. Registration is open to all Qualified Chapter COs until 30 Dec 06. The standard MFI "User Name" & Password is required to log into the Academy. On 31 Dec 06, the Voting Booth will become password protected until the conclusion of the IC Election. The password will be emailed to all registered Chapter COs via the secure Voting Booth Forum.

All Registered Chapter COs will be able to cast their Vote from 05 Jan 07 through 15 Jan 07 and the Winner will be announced on 16 Jan 07 after all votes are tallied and checked for validity by the Election Committee.

Step By Step Guide To Register

If your Chapter has been part of MFI since Before 01 July of the Election Year:

  1. log into the Maquis Academy using your MFI User Name & Password.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on All Courses
  3. Select MFI's Polling & Voting Booth (Directly under the Leadership College)
  4. Enroll for "IC General Election".

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