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This is historical material, 'frozen in time.' This page is no longer updated and links, external or otherwise may not work.



Team Maquis 2006 -- Paving the way to continued fun!

Your Vote Appreciated

Team Maquis is made up of a talented group of individuals who have been dedicated to the principles and beliefs of Maquis Forces International. We have all had several years in the middle and upper management in MFI and promise to bring you the continued fun and supportive fandom environment; while paving the way for more fun and continued excitement as we journey through our second decade of making history. I'm proud to call myself MAQUIS -- as are the rest of us.

Team Maquis is a very special group within MFI... many of us having been part of the Maquis from the start! We all hold the whole organization very near and dear to our hearts, as we've devoted time, energy, thought and devotion to the maintainence of the whole. We've been proud to serve you; and we hope that we can continue serving you through the upcoming years.

In Service on behalf and my candidate staff,

Samuel S.H. Cummings

If you would like to view my platform as a Candidate, please click here.

Coordinator Council

The Coordinator Council is, by definition 'the cornerstone of an alliance of decentralized chapters across the world.' While the individual cells are autonomous and self-governing, the international organization itself is governed by the Coordinator Council, which oversees the cell-elected Zone Coordinators. The Coordinator Council oversees the major international-level departments and serves much like a de-jure 'Board of Directors'.

pip_vadm_red.jpg International Coordinator
Samuel S.H. Cummings

pip_vadm_green.jpg Vice International Coordinator
Christina Doane

pip_fadm_red.jpg Chief of Staff
Gary A. Davis

pip_radm_black.jpg Chief of Operations
Steve Lackey

pip_radm_black.jpg Chief of Computer Operations
Logan Andrews

pip_fadm_red.jpg Academy Commandant/Chief of Maquis Education and Training
Dr. R. J. McCoy

Maquis Department and Branch Heads

The Department and Branch Heads are the directors of the 'Special Interest Groups' inside of MFI. Generally appointed and overseen by the Vice International Coordinator, the Branch Heads are the direct liasons to the Branch memberships, the Zone Coordinators and the Coordinator Council.

pip_como_green.jpg Maquis Marines
Paul Williams

pip_como_maroon.jpg Special Forces
Mark Zesewitz

pip_vadm_black.jpg Klingon Task Force
K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK (Larry D. French, Sr.)

Administrative Council

The top-brass always requires advisors. Thus, the Administrative Council was established. Along side the Branch Heads, the Administrative Council members advise the Coordinator Council and the Zone Coordinators as needed on the status and needs of thier particular pervue.

Chief Maquis Advisor
pip_vadm_upd.jpg J. William Robertson
Diplomatic Corps
pip_radm_upd.jpg  ?
Membership Department
pip_fcapt_upd.jpg Barbara Adams
Master Chief Petty Officer of The Maquis

Advisory Council

A council created by VADM Samuel Cummings in response to the soon-to-be numerous Past-International Coordinators and Founders; these members are former International Coordinators and Founders who have joined in partnership to support the Coordinator Council and MFI as a whole. Unless otherwise changed, the Advisory Council are permanently awareded the same rights and privileges as the International Coordinator, including access to all Coordinator Council material, communications and meetings. This Council will continue to expand as International Coordinators retire or are otherwise honorably relieved of duty. Other members will be made Council members upon the recommendation of the sitting International Coordinator and a super-majority vote.

First Past International Coordinator
pip_fadm_black.jpg Force Admiral Robert G. Johnson
International Coordinator Emeritus (ICE)
pip_fadm_black.jpg Force Admiral Gary A. Davis
pip_adm_red.jpg Admiral Laura Hartwell

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