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Maquis Forces International Staff (MFI)

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A council created by then-VADM Samuel Cummings to be incepted when elected IC, in response to the soon-to-be numerous Past-International Coordinators and Founders; these members are former International Coordinators and Founders who have joined in partnership to support the Coordinator Council and MFI as a whole. Unless otherwise changed, the Founders Council are permanently awareded the same rights and privileges as a Coordinator Council member, regardless of status, including access to all material, communications and meetings. This Council will continue to expand as International Coordinators retire or are otherwise honorably relieved of duty. Non-ICs and Non-Founders may be made Council members upon the recommendation of an International Coordinator (Current or Retired) and the passing of a super-majority vote. Status may only be removed in a completely unanimous vote of the Founders Council. The Council is chaired by the current International Coordinator.

While members themselves may hold positions of authority, the Founders Council is an independent entity and authority inside MFI, and itself excersizes no power over MFI as a whole, outside its activities; and is therefore exempt from the Constitutional rules and Parliamentary procedure of MFI.

International Coordinator & Council Chairman
Force Admiral Josh Laury

IC Jan 2016 - Current

First Past International Coordinator
Force Admiral Christina Doane

IC Dec 2010 - Jan 2015

International Coordinator Emeritus (ICE)
Force Admiral Gary A. Davis

IC Oct 1994 - Nov 2004
Chief of Special Services, Former Chief of Staff

Force Admiral Robert G. Johnson

IC Nov 2004 - Jan 2007
Former COO, Chief Advisor, COS and Academy Commandant

Admiral Laura Hartwell

Former COS, VIC and Chief Advisor

Admiral Tom Donohoe

Former VIC, Academy Commandant, MFMC Commandant and Chief Advisor

Inducted Members
Force Admiral Samuel S. H. Cummings

IC Jan 2007 - Dec 2010
Former VIC, CCO, COO, and Academy Commandant

Admiral William R. Lightning

Former CCO, Academy Commandant, Chief Advisor, and MSA
Inducted: 16 March 2009

Former Members - Inactive
Force Admiral Brian Pickett {Resigned}
Former International Coordinator & Council Chairman
IC Jan 2015 - Jan 2016

Maquis Coordinator Council
Maquis Branches of Service
Administrative Council
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