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Maquis Forces International Site Map


More About MFI: Links to Core Information

MFI Coordinator Council and Areas of Responsibility

International Coordinator

Vice International Coordinator

Chief of Staff


Computer Operations

Chief of Special Services


    • Academy - Maquis Academy's Main Page
      • SIM_Gateway – MFI Sim Division, all things Simulated.
        • MFI_RP_SIM – MFI Academy Training Grounds includes all things Gaming.
        • Maquis_SIM_Project – MFI Simulated Ship Fleet.
        • Fan_Fiction – May include any Trek related Fan Fiction, please see Sim Director for addition of writings. Includes information on MFI's annual Labor Day Offensive and Maquis Mirror Mayhem.
      • Academy Moodle - Maquis Academy's Testing & Voting Facility

Guardian Project: Our History and Memorials

Ten-Backward:Your place for the silly, odd, or just plain fun


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