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by Dewald de Coning


Klingon Imperial Intelligence (aka II) is the feared governmental branch of the Klingon empire responsible for espionage and information gathering. The Klingon word for Imperial Intelligence is tlhIngan valna'beq. Its headquarters is situated in a tower in the capital city on Qo'nos. Imperial Intelligence has its own contingent of shock troops, and also operates an unknown number of scoutclass vessels. This organization is known to operate above the law when deemed necessary, and operatives are exempt from many of the usual rules that govern Klingon society. For instance, nonundercover operatives are immune to challenges. II operatives are empowered to seize control of Klingon defense force assets when they consider it necessary, resulting in a great deal of fiction between the two organizations. Agents who fail their mission are dishonored and frequently exiled from the empire. One particularly tragic example of this was the agent known as Gralmek, or Arne Darvin. In 2268 he was assigned to poison a shipment of Quadrotriticale, a genetically-engineered grain, destined for Sherman's Planet. His identity was discovered when a tribble reacted to him. The head of Imperial Intelligence is known as the Operations Master. Klingon warriors view II operatives as honorless and scheming, while the latter view the former as ham-handed and idiotic.

The organization was originally founded under the direction of the Klingon emperor Kragg as his personal intelligence service, in order to solidify his power base. Officially, it was intended as a central coordination bureau for both civilian and military agencies. As the actual power behind the thrown, it served as a watchdog, reporting to the emperor on the activities of the other Klingon houses. After Kragg had been deposed, the succeeding emperor nearly stripped the agency of its imperial mandate, but was prevented from doing so when operatives had threatened to go public with information that could have sparked a civil war. This fostered a symbiotic relationship where II's position would be maintained by highranking officials who were, in turn, being kept in power by Imperial Intelligence.

Prominent members
• Councilor Indizar, who had ascended to the Klingon High Council in 2265 due to her background in Imperial Intelligence.
• Yovang, a young Imperial Intelligence agent in the 24th century, who was killed by Captain Qaolin on board the IKS Wo'bortas.
• Commander Narrk, son of Mariq, was first officer on board the IKS Wo'bortas in 2328, when he was killed by Captain Qaolin for insubordination.
• Lorgh, head of the house of Lorgh, and a longtime friend of the house of Mogh, was a member of Imperial Intelligence for much of the 24th century.
• Gralmek, an Imperial Intelligence operative who had joined II in 2267. He was surgically altered to appear human, in order to infiltrate the Federation. He was later discommendated by the High Council for having failed his mission.
• Lurqal, a female II operative assigned to infiltrate the Federation diplomatic corps. She later became a double agent, and when she was finally exposed, Imperial Intelligence killed her.

Some examples of Imperial Intelligence operations
• In 2328, shortly after being put under the command of Captain Qaolin, the IKS Wo'bortas, a B'rel-class Klingon starship, was commandeered by Imperial Intelligence, and ordered to shadow a Cardassian cruiser, the Sontok, on survey duty. After the Sontok had discovered the wreckage of a legendary Klingon ship on the planet Raknal V, the Wo'bortas led a task force during initiatory skirmishes with the Cardassian Third Order, eventually leaving the fray as the only surviving Klingon ship.
• In 2371 three II agents – Borak, Atul, and Morka – were sent to Deep Space 9 by chancellor Gowron to observe a Romulan delegation being briefed by Starfleet on Dominion intelligence. They planted a surveillance device on a wall in the Romulan quarters by modifying a replicator into a transporter, but they were exposed after major Kira had discovered the device, and arrested by Odo.
The three Imperial Intelligence operatives arrested for spying on on a Romulan delegation on board Deep Space 9.

• In 2372 a Klingon bird-of-prey attacked the Cardassian planet, Loval, after Imperial Intelligence had discovered that it was the site of a secret weapons research facility.


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