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19 April 2005

* * * *
Hail Great Warriors!!

As Warriors of the Empire and members of the Maquis Forces International, Klingon Task Force, there are a few matters that you need to be aware of.

In the Empire we answer to the Thought Admiral and the High Council. While we are serving as a part of this Task Force, we will consider the International Coordinator of the MFI as our Thought Admiral, and the Coordinator Council of the MFI as our High Council. Also when we were in the Empire we had an Emperor, all be it a Ceremonial Emperor, it was a n Emperor none the less. While we serve the MFI as a Task Force, so shall Force Admiral Gary Davis, Founder of the MFI Serve as our Ceremonial Emperor.


We serve the Maquis in many ways, but in general we of the Klingon Task Force are their War Machine. We are Warriors, born, bred and trained. We endure more than any Terragnan ever thought of, we live and die with Honor, we know our Duties and are Loyal to our cause. We serve the Maquis in this Task Force, but let us never forget who we are….WE ARE KLINGONS!!!! ( tlhIngan maH !!!! )

Anymore information you might need is contained in this manual. This will serve as your primary Indoctrination Document. Take a look around the web site and be familiar with it. There is a lot of good information here and on the website. If you can't find what you're looking for or have suggestions on how to make this manual or the web site better, contact me and we'll find the answers together. The credit for most of this manual and the web site go to General mIgh zantai-SalHov, my friend, my mentor, and previous Commander.

Lt. General K'moghjIH zantai-Ki'RK (Larry D. French Sr.)
DaHar Master ra’wI’ of the Klingon Task Force


From the smallest Klingon Task Force (KTF) unit to the largest, the order of units is individual Klingon Warrior, ghom, mIch and wavwI’. Designations for Klingon chapters/units are as follows:

MFS-K – Maquis Forces Ship/Station (Klingon), MFS-TF – Maquis Forces Ship/Station (Task Force), KlinFor – Klingon Force

KTF HIGH COUNCIL . The KTF High Council assists the ra’wI’’ (Commander) of the Task Force in the administration of the KTF. Below are listed the sections and a brief description of their duties. High Council Positions Are Denoted in Blue.

RA’WI’ (COMMANDER). Reports to the MFI Chief of Staff, the ra’wI’ (RW) is the top of the KTF Chain Of Command (COC). He is responsible for the Task Force as a whole, and his duties include: Acting as liaison between Maquis Forces and the Task Force; approving/disapproving recommendations of the KTF General Staff; working with MFI Zone Coordinators in appointing Task Force Liaison Officers in each Zone; appointing all members of the General Staff; forwarding to the MFI Coordinator Council his own recommendations for promotion of Klingon personnel to the rank of Brigadier General and above; and reporting to Maquis Forces International, through its various publications what is happening in the Task Force. The RW is responsible for assuring that the KTF functions as a Klingon based organization, within the parameters of the MFI as a SID. On all internal KTF matters the RW is the final word and final policy maker of KTF, as the IC is the final word of the MFI. Should MFI and KTF policy differ, the RW must set the example, by deferring to MFI policy.

BOQWI’ RA’WI’ (DEPUTY COMMANDER). Is the ra’wI’s right hand. The BoQwI’ ra’wI’ (BR) is the second in command of the KTF and shall preside over the KTF Council in the ra’wI’s absence. The BR is responsible for the smooth operation of the organization as a whole, including assisting in the administration of special Task Force programs. The BoQwI’ ra’wI’ is to represent the club as a whole to the international community and to other fan clubs. The BR shall properly assistant the RW, general staff, and members at large.

BOQDU' (AIDE-DE-CAMP). If the BoQwI' Ra'wI' is the ra’wI’s right hand, then the BoQDu' is his left hand. The BoQDu’ (BD) is the personal and military adviser to KTF ra'wI' and may act as a relay of the ra'wI's voice to the KTF Council in the ra’wI’s absence due to medical need or lack of ability to communicate. The BD is a non-voting member of the KTF Council, unless called upon by the BR. The BD is usually chosen from responsible KTF members in relatively close proximity to the ra'wI' (within local phone call range, when possible, in case of loss of internet connection). The BD is responsible for the smooth relay of information to the organization as a whole, in the ra'wI's absence or during lack of communication. The BD aids or covers the BR's duties, for short periods of time when requested by the BR. The BD shall properly advise the RW, especially in areas of MFI Constitution, MFI Handbook and KTF Firing Line procedures, to prevent breaches of protocol.

SUVWI’ PIN’A’ OF THE KTF. The top SuvwI’ (Enlisted Warrior) Advisor to the ra’wI’’. Is responsible for acting as an advocate for enlisted members of the KTF, developing the SuvwI’ chain of support by recruiting and retaining SuvwI’s, advising the ra’wI’ and the KTF Council in regards to SuvwI’ and enlisted Warriors needs and views.

CHIEF OF TASK FORCE OPERATIONS. Third in Command of the KTF, the Chief of Task Force Operations acts as a chief of staff and head of task force computer ops. This person will gather all reports of Klingons and Task Force activity and present it to the BR and RW. They will also be responsible for the task force website and its condition. The leaders of special Task Force missions should report to this individual.

CHIEF CHARITY COORDINATOR. CCC is an important officer in the office of the Chief of Task Force Operations. CCC is responsible bringing to the attention of the KTF members or other interested parties, information regarding charity opportunities, to advise interested parties on the most efficient methods to go about their charity event and also advise as to forms of fund raising. They are to share all pertinent information with the Chief Marine Charity Facilitator of the MFIMC. They are also to assist interested units in locating information regarding any local laws or policies regarding their event. Will also insure that the news of the event is broadcast. Advise as to forms of charity events.

TRAINING AND INDOCTRINATION COMMAND. The TRAINDOC is responsible for establishing the fictional universe for the Task Force. Specifically, this Warrior is responsible for developing materials and programs for the KTF College of the Maquis Academy, and for developing the KTF’s doctrine (the way in which the Task Force would intend to conduct operations in the Trek future, including acting as Quartermaster). TRAINDOC invents and develops equipment, organization, strategy and tactics to complete the indoctrination program of the KTF; then trains the members in it. TRAINDOC may also recommend and approve “KTF College Instructors‿ to administrate development and training issues particular to the Task Force. They will also approve Task Force unit names, symbols, etc. This will prevent duplication of symbols and the like to ensure each KTF ghom and detachment is unique.

INDIVIDUAL KLINGON: ACTIVE DUTY VS. RESERVES. The foundation of the entire KTF is the individual Klingon. Members of the KTF fall into one of two general categories as individual warriors: Active Duty or Reservist. An Active Duty Klingon participates in MFI only as a Klingon and they are known solely by their task force rank. A Reservist is a sometimes Klingon. They sometimes use a task force rank and uniform. They could participate in their Klingon ghom as a Klingon but be naval or marine officer otherwise. Below you will find an explanation of each echelon of the Task Force Chain of Command. (Check the Uniforms Section for how to Distinguish branches of service.)

KLINGON DETACHMENT (KlinFor) ghom. The basic unit, in the KTF is the ghom; this is equal to a chapter. In the case of an all-Klingon ghom this can be a ship, a station, fighter squadron, etc. In an all-Klingon ghom the commanding and executive officers may double as the ghom ra’wI’ (Commander) and ghom BoQwI’ (Deputy) respectively or appoint others. In a Klingon detachment on board a non-Klingon vessel the Klingon company is commanded by the GR (ghom ra’wI’) and GB (ghom BoQwI’) who in turn report to the Commanding Officer. This second possibility is called a Klingon force on a naval vessel and a Klingon ghom is an MFI Chapter that is entirely or named to be Klingon. Klingon ghom use the Ship or Station Designation of MFS-K or MFS-TF.

mIch (mIch). MFI itself is divided administratively into geographic "Zones." In the KTF, mIchs cover an equal Area of Responsibility, as does an MFI Zone, for example mIch 1 would be Zone 1 of MFI. The mIch Officer in Charge would either be the, or could appoint a (see mIch - Zone Duy'a') Klingon liaison to the Zone Coordinator. Each state within the mIch is a battalion, In mIchs large enough to warrant it, mIch ra’wI’ (Commander‘s) may appoint mIch cha' ra’wI’ (state level personnel who live within the State they are assisting with). This is optional and up to the mIch ra’wI’ as per their judgment.

wavwI’ (wavwI’). Above the mIch level, there are wavwI’, wavwI’ are combinations of mIchs and provide another level of Administrative Control and ghom assistance. wavwI' are overseen by a wavwI' ra'wI'.

Terms of Office

All members of the KTF Council serve at the leisure of the current ra'wI' MFI IC. and MFI CC. If at any time a person is deemed to be sufficiently lacking in the performance of their duties, they may be removed and replaced by a qualified applicant. Missing a report or meeting is not grounds for removal, repeatedly missing meetings, reports or project deadlines is. A letter or e-mail stating the reason for the removal will be sent to the person involved and either to the IC or the ra'wI'. The removal does not prevent the individual from reapplying, and the letter / e-mail is not going to be used against the individual...It is merely a method of justifying the actions taken.

Reporting Procedures

Once per month ghom ra’wI’ need to send a report to their mIch ra’wI’ as well as the MFI Zone Coordinator for the Zone they are located in (mIch numbers are the same as Zone numbers)

The mIch ra’wI’ need to in turn report the ships in their mIch which have reported to the wavwI’ ra’wI’. If any ships are doing anything noteworthy, it should then also be reported to the Task Force Liaison to the Badlands. mIch ra’wI’ need to file their reports monthly, also.

The wavwI’ ra’wI’ report to the Chief of Task Force Operations quarterly on the status of their wavwI’.

Any ghom failing to report for three consecutive months or missing 8 or more reports in a year will be sent to the mIch Hegh– Zone of the Dead or Zone of the Lost.

Any mIch failing to report for three consecutive months or missing 8 or more reports in a year, will have their mIch ra’wI’ replaced.

Any wavwI’ failing to report for a quarter will be replaced.

Reports being filed late are excusable, but not filing at all is not.


Reports from ghom ra’wI’ may be by e-mail, snail mail, fax, telephone, pager, IM, chat room, smoke signal, or any other method agreed to between the ghom ra’wI’ and the mIch ra’wI’ and their Zone Coordinator. Reports need the following information in them: ghom name, ghom ra’wI’ name, number of warriors in the ghom, any special events or happenings in the ghom (including promotions), and brief statement to the effect of, "reporting in for the month of ___________".

Reports from the mIch ra’wI’ follow the same protocols, but are mostly a listing of the ghom that have reported in and those that haven’t, as well as a listing of those that reported in late for the previous month. Also should include an approximate count of the warriors in their mIch, and any promotions or special announcements.

Reports from the wavwI’ ra’wI’ follow the same protocols, but are a list of any ghom that are to be transferred to mIch Hegh, lists of any promotions or promotion requests, lists of special events or occurrences with in their wavwI’

mIch – Zone Duy’a’

These officers / diplomats act as intermediaries and coordinators. The act as go betweens or intermediaries for the mIch ra’wI’ and the Zone Coordinators; aiding in smooth communication and operations of the territory. They also aid in Coordinating events and reporting of ghom. This person might also be serving as the mIch ra’wI’ or mIch BoQwI’.

Honor, Duty, and Loyalty Honor, Duty, and Loyalty are the three watch words of the Klingon Task Force.

Honor. A. Principled uprightness of character; personal integrity. B. A code of integrity, dignity, and pride, chiefly among males, that was maintained in some societies, by force of arms.

Duty A. An act or a course of action that is required of one by position, social custom, law, or religion. B. Moral obligation C. The compulsion felt to meet such obligation. D. A service, function, or task assigned to one, especially in the armed forces.

Loyalty. A. The state or quality of being loyal. B. A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.

Loyal A. Steadfast in allegiance to one's homeland, government, or sovereign. B. Faithful to a person, ideal, custom, cause, or duty. C. Of, relating to, or marked by loyalty.

HONOR yourself and us by acting like a Klingon. Remember, your primary DUTY is to yourself and your family in real life; after all if you hurt yourself there, how can you perform your duties to the Task Force. Be LOYAL to the Task Force and the MFI, by not taking carrying tales of internal politics and participating as much as possible.

If you become ill and cannot perform your job in assigned position for a while, or there is a family catastrophe; do us the HONOR of taking care of yourself and your DUTY to your family, but show us your LOYALTY by contacting us either before, during, or after the occurrence (when it is convenient to the event at hand) and let us know what is happening. (i.e. Sir, we have had a family emergency and I will be having to stand down for a couple of weeks. I’ll contact you as soon as I can resume my post.)

NOTE Definitions are from or paraphrased from Dictionary.com


A lot of Klingons like to appear in public with live steel, and the question has come up what is the ra’wI’s view on this. Basically it is this. Know your weapon and yourself and know them well. Rely on your ghom’s policies on the matter as for local events, but do not do it while representing the MFI or KTF as a whole. While a good warrior can always be counted on to be safe and responsible with his weapons, the same can not be said for all those who might come to a table at a convention or recruitment activity. It is recommended that even if you do take it to an event for the local organization, that it only be brought out for staged shots and photo ops where a secured and safe perimeter is maintained, and the rest of the time it be securely stored.

Any other information needed can be found on the website or will be provided while on the move.

Now… MOVE OUT!!! Today IS a good day to die!!! ( DaHjaj Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam ! ) Qapla’!!!!!!

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