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Maquis Forces International Rank Chart

Maquis Fleet to MFIMC to KTF Rank Comparison

Naval Resistance/Ground Forces Ranks and Pips

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Comparison of Maquis Forces Ranks
Naval Rank Insignia Generic Rank Generic Insignia KTF Rank KTF Insignia
Force Admiral pip_fadm_red.jpg Generic FADM pip_fadm_black.jpg No Equal
Admiral pip_adm_red.jpg Admiral/
pip_adm_black.jpg Sa' K-aj.jpg
Vice Admiral pip_vadm_red.jpg Vice Admiral/
Lt. General
pip_vadm_black.jpg Sa'Sogh K-Sa.jpg
Rear Admiral pip_radm_red.jpg Rear Admiral/
Major General
pip_radm_black.jpg Sa'HoM pip_k_mgen.jpg
Commodore pip_como_red.jpg Commodore/
Brigadier General
pip_como_black.jpg ech pip_k_bgen.jpg
Force Captain pip_fcapt_red.jpg Force Captain/
Force Colonel
pip_fcapt_black.jpg raDHoD pip_k_fcol.jpg
Captain pip_capt_red.jpg Captain/
pip_capt_black.jpg HoD pip_k_col.jpg
Commander pip_cdr_red.jpg Commander/
Lt. Colonel
pip_cdr_black.jpg la' pip_k_lcol.jpg
Lt. Commander pip_lcdr_red.jpg Lt. Commander/
pip_lcdr_black.jpg la'Hom pip_k_maj.jpg
Lieutenant pip_lt_red.jpg Lieutenant/
pip_lt_black.jpg Sogh pip_k_mcapt.jpg
LT Junior Grade pip_ltjg_red.jpg LT Junior Grade/
1st Lieutenant
pip_ltjg_black.jpg SoghHom pip_k_1lt.jpg
Ensign pip_ens_red.jpg Ensign/
2nd Lieutenant
pip_ens_black.jpg lagh pip_k_2lt.jpg
Cadet 4th Year mcadet4.jpg Cadet 4th Year mcadet4.jpg mangHom 4th Year mcadet4.jpg
Cadet 3rd Year mcadet3.jpg Cadet 3rd Year mcadet3.jpg mangHom 3rd Year mcadet3.jpg
Cadet 2nd Year mcadet2.jpg Cadet 2nd Year mcadet2.jpg mangHom 2nd Year mcadet2.jpg
Cadet 1st Year mcadet1.jpg Cadet 1st Year mcadet1.jpg mangHom 1st Year mcadet1.jpg
NCO Ranks
Naval Rank Naval Division Insignia Abbreviation KTF Rank KTF Insignia Abbreviation/Nick
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Maquis pip_mcpom_black.jpg MCPOM botWI' (SuvwI' pin'a') kling_e9.jpg Blockader
Master Chief Petty Officer pip_mcpo_black.jpg MCPO puvwI' kling_e2.jpg Flier
Senior Chief Petty Officer pip_e8_black.jpg SCPO 'etlh SuvwI' kling_e2.jpg Swift
Chief Petty Officer pip_e7_black.jpg CPO nom kling_e2.jpg Vanguard
Petty Officer 1st Class pip_e6_black.jpg PO1 etlh'a' SuvwI' kling_e2.jpg Lancer
Petty Officer 2nd Class pip_e5_black.jpg PO2 avwI'wa'Dich kling_e2.jpg SGT
Petty Officer 3rd Class pip_e4_black.jpg PO3 bu' kling_e2.jpg CPL
Crewman pip_e3_black.jpg CM Da' kling_e2.jpg LCPL
Crewman Apprentice pip_e2_black.jpg CM2 Da'wa'Dich kling_e2.jpg Master of Warriors
Crewman Recruit pip_e1_black.jpg CM3 SuvwI' Ktf cadet.jpg Warrior
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