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Sword of Honor
According to oral history Kahless forged the first bat'leth by dropping a lock of his hair in the lava of a volcano and a nearby lake and twisting it into the first Honor sword. Prowess with this weapon is a highly prized skill and regular tournaments are held for warriors to prove their skill.



Small Sword
A mek'leth was a Klingon sword-like blade weapon, approximately half as long as a bat'leth. They are commonly made from baakonite and dikeiferate.



Belly Spear
This spear, in a smaller version, is used in the children's game of qa'vak. The game incorporates spinning hoops and hones the skills needed for the hunt. Once a male reaches the age of ascension he is gifted with an adult version of this spear by his father on the occasion of their first hunt together as men.


'oy 'naQ

Used as part of the Age of Ascension ritual, this weapon is capable of killing a two ton Rectyne Monopod.


chu' nISwI' HIch
ca. 2359 - present

this is a standard issue disruptor pistol in use by for Klingon Defense Force and the wealthier families and Houses.


Sharp Dagger
Technically, this weapon is not a dagger. It is wielded more like a Terran pair of brass knuckles and used similarly. It can also be used defensively to ward off knife attacks. Also when properly weighted and balanced it can be used like a Terran throwing star.



Ceremonial Knife

This is the traditional warrior's knife. It is used in many ceremonies and rituals. Historically it has been used to kill the first captured prisoner in an effort to weaken the opposing leader's control.


nISwI' beH

Disruptor Rifle

This gun has a bigger charge pack. It is capable of a higher setting, longer effective range, and better duration between chargings than the standard disruptor pistol.


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