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The House of Duras

by David R. A Grate

House of Duras

The House of Duras was once considered one of the Great Houses of the Klingon Empire and was extremely active both within and outside of the Empire. It is very difficult to obtain accurate information about the House of Duras from the Klingon Empire, so unfortunately most references herein are courtesy of the Freedom of Information Act of the United Federation of Planets and ship and station logs available through the library of Omega Prime.

Information about Toral, the earliest known patriarch of the House of Duras, is limited to members of the Federation and all that is known is that he is the father of Duras, the warrior defeated in combat by Captain Jonathan Archer at the edge of the Delphic Expanse in 2153 ((1)) and that he was a distinguished poker player. ((2))

Duras, son of Toral

Duras was the captain of the IKS Bortha, and attempted to free Klingon prisoners believed to be aboard the USS Enterprise NX-01. He was fired upon by the Enterprise in what was believed to be an unprovoked attack, crippling the Bortha. ((3))

Ja’rod was the leader of the House of Duras and the father of Duras, Lursa and B’Etor. In 2366 and was accused of sending classified defense codes to the Romulans who used the codes to massacre the colony, including over 4,000 men, women and children. It is believed that misinformation by the Romulans or other factions deliberately falsified facts to imply that either Ja’rod or Mogh, Son of Worf, had sent this information, but there is no clear, discernible facts. ((4))

Duras, son of Ja'rod

Duras was a leader of the House of Duras and contender for the chancellorship after the impending death of Chancellor K’mpec. Duras was accused of the dishonorable act of poisoning K’mpec, but substantial proof was never found. Fearing that he would accused, falsely, by the parmaqai of Worf, Ambassador K’Ehlyr, of attempting to murder the chancellor as well as cheat during the Rite of Succession, Duras honorably challenged and defeated the ambassador. Before Duras was able to complete the Rite of Succession and gain his rightful place as chancellor, Worf murdered him aboard the bridge of his own ship, the IKS Vorn. ((5))


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Lursa, daughter of Ja'rod B'Etor, daughter of Ja'rod

Lursa and B’Etor were the misguided sisters of Duras -- Lursa the elder and B’Etor, the younger -- who believed that the Romulans might be able to assist in keeping the Klingon Empire together during the Klingon Civil War. ((6)) After a number of challenges to Gowron and his followers went astray, Lursa and B’Etor joined forces with the El-Aurian scientist Soran, but were killed by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701D. ((7))

Toral, son of Duras

Toral is the illegitimate son of Duras, considered a member of the House of Duras. His existence was brought to the attention of the High Command on Stardate 44995.3 when he, as the only son of Duras, Son of Ja’rod, was denied his rightful place as a contender for the chancellorship according to the Rights of Succession. Chancellor Gowron refused to allow Toral to be heard, forcing a civil war which Toral neither wanted, nor intended. ((8))

In an attempt to prevent the Klingon Empire from dividing further, Toral, along with his aunts Lursa and B’Etor, even risked contacting the Romulans to keep the Klingon Empire together. Unfortunately, Gowron deceptively convinced the United Federation of Planets to ally with him and his forces, defeating the Duras army. As punishment, Gowron offered Toral’s life to Worf, son of Mogh, and in an unexpected display of honor, Worf chose not to take the young man’s life. ((9))

Four years later, Toral again tried to regain his honor when he planted a bomb in the Great Hall. Toral joined with Chernoth, granddaughter of the assassin known as the Albino, but after assessing her motives to be less than honorable -- her intention was to kill the Dahar Master Kor -- Toral exposes her, allowing Kor to defeat and kill Chernoth. ((10))

A year later, Toral, in an attempt to retrieve the Sword of Kahless from the Gamma Quadrant, was defeated by Kor, Worf and Jadzia Dax. The aforementioned trio launched the sword into space, forever depriving the Empire of one of its ancient artifacts. ((11))

The fate of the House of Duras is debatable as there is no reference proving its disillusion by either Gowron or Chancellor Martok.


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