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The Klingon Bloodwine Festival Weekend

Qapla' and Welcome...It is another Glorious Day for the Empire! The annual Klingon Bloodwine Festival, was to be held on the panoramic 40 acre Red Rock site of the Advanced Learning Academy, in beautiful Cantil, California. It is currently postponed indefinitely.

Objectives: This event was to set in place a coherent and well-structured environment that would promote safe, fun and competitive RolePlaying, which would help to foster the advancement of all Red Rock Resort related activities. At the same time, the event was to be a medium to promote an interest in Klingon based roleplaying, new products, and to develop new business through contributing to the promotion of friendly competition and shared comradery.

This event was offered by the Advanced Learning Academy, a American-based international non-profit cultural and educational organization, and the event was aimed solely to educate the public and provide friendly competition and promote general interest concerning Klingon culture, society and history.

Hosted by the Red Rock Resort, a private membership Desert Golf Course and Spa located in the ALA's Cell Habitat Complex. The Klingon Bloodwine Festival, was to be one of the most unique experiences you'll ever have, to come enjoy the wonderful world of Klingon, it was to combine a weekend of singing, outrageous costumes, paintball, Warrior competition, wine tasting, and more, all with wild night life, and serene, outdoor desert camping in the balmy Red Rock Desert in Southern California. They anticipated the 2009 Klingon Bloodwine Festival and Games Weekend's capacity to produce high adrenaline excitement, coupled with its responsible, enthusiastic Klingon fan-base, and committed athletes, was to help to be a unique and fun time for all. The Games were to feature hours of insane activities, across more than 150 acres of pristine desert acreage. The weekend long event, was to have plenty of parking and was set in walking distance, and all competition activities were to take place nearby.

The Red Rock Resort's Klingon Bloodwine Festival Weekend, was to take place in the Red Rock Desert, in Southern California. More information about the Klingon Bloodwine Festival Weekend, including program schedules and ticket sales, is available from its web site http://www.thecellhabitat.org/.

100% of the Gate Profits was to be donated to Charity!

http://www.freewheelchairmission.org/ for further details.

General Information:

Title of Exhibition: Klingon Bloodwine Festival Weekend
Theme: Klingon Bloodwine Festival
Organizers: Advanced Learning Academy (ALA), The Cell Habitat, and iMachine Entertainment
Supporting Organizations:
Date(s): TBD
Venue: Red Rock Resort, 16666 Red Rock Road, Cantil, California, USA 93519

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