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Personnel File

Personal Information

  • Name: Rob Johnson
  • Occupation: Fire-Medic (Retired)
  • Date of Birth: 20 Feb 1953
  • Born: Miami, FL


  • AS MLT
  • AS EMT-P
  • AS Fire Science
  • American Heart Instructor
  • Paramedic Instructor


  • U.S. Navy, HM2 (1974-1979)
  • Medic, 1st Marine Division
  • Instructor/Tech: Aeorspace Physiology


  • Married: Kim (1985)
  • Current Adopted Pet: Nemo


HQ Staff Former Academy Commandant Naval Branch MFI SEALS
Order Of The Maquis Golden Starburst MFI Commendation Medalx2 MFI Achievement Medal

Fan Club Experience:
Starfleet International

  • CMO, USS Royal Sovereign
  • XO, Shuttlecraft Nebula
  • XO, USS Nebula
  • CMO, USS Maquis

SEALS Operations Command

  • CO, SEALS Team 2-A
  • CO, SEALS Team 2-J
  • District 2 Coordinator
  • Director, SEALS R & D
  • Chief Of Staff, SEALS HQ

Maquis Forces International


Directory of FADM Robert Johnson, International Coordinator (Ret.) 2004 - 2007
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Rob's Official fandom experiences started with the Starfleet International Chapter, USS Royal Sovereign in Orange Park, FL.. Signing aboard as a general member, it was only a month later that he finished OTS, received his commission as an officer and assumed the position of Medical Officer. Over the next year he served as CMO and attended many conventions, helping with security and promoted to LCDR. As the club suffered from growing pains and the divergence of members' interests, he and seven members of the Royal Sovereign split from the mother ship to became their own chapter. Six months later at the Starfleet International Conference, Shuttle craft Nebula was bestowed full chapter status and became USS Nebula. Rob was promoted to Full Commander.

Rob was also active in another Trek organization called Starfleet SEALS Operations Command, where he held positions as Team Leader for Royal Sovereign, then for USS Nebula. After showing his organizational skills building these two teams, Rob was promoted to SEALS Region 2 Coordinator, then later to Chief of Staff for SEALS Command H.Q.

After moving to Palm Bay, FL in April of 1994, Rob started establishing a sister ship to USS Nebula called USS Sutherland. Before the Starfleet paperwork had a chance to go through, Nebula & Sutherland became disheartened by the politics, money mongering and the pettiness of the SFI's leadership, which should have no place in fandom. Sutherland and Nebula voted to go independent and form an internet based alliance of independent Trek Clubs in Florida called "Maquis". After only a few months online, other independent clubs around the country heard of us on the net, thus "Maquis Forces" was born. Rob was initially appointed Chief of Operations for MFI and assumed command of MFI's On-Line College of Medicine. Admiral Johnson has since held the positions of Maquis Chief Adviser, then Chief of Staff, MFI's Second International Coordinator, next as MFI's Academy Commandant, and is currently again serving as MFI's Chief of Staff, holding the rank of Force Admiral(ret).

Rob has obtained three A.S. Degrees. His 1st from Miami Dade Community College, with an AS Degree in Medical Lab Technology in 1973. Entering the US Navy in 1974 as a Hospital Corpsman, Rob was assigned to 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, CA where he served as a field medic, as well as an EMT/ER Tech for NRMC Camp Pendleton. In 1976 Rob was transferred to Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX to attend Aerospace Physiology Training School, where he learned to teach Anatomy & Physiology as it pertains to Atmospheric changes and put Air Crew candidates through the rigors of Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Chambers, Ejection Seat training, Parachute drags on land & water, the "Dilbert Dunker", Water Survival and Desert Survival. Rob spent the rest of his enlistment at Pacific Missile Training Center, Point Mugu, CA in the "Crew Systems" office teaching Physiology and working on several classified joint military R&D programs.

After the Navy, Rob received his second AS in Emergency Medicine while working as an ER Tech for a local Hospital and as a Fire Medic for Clearwater Fire Rescue.

In June of 1985, Rob married Kim M Klafehn. Although they have no children, Rob and Kim have adopted retired racing greyhounds from "Greyhound Pets of America".

When Kim, a Navy Nurse, got assigned to NAS Jax, Rob went to work for Orange Park Fire Rescue. Upon Kim's release from Active Duty, the Johnsons moved to Palm Bay, FL where Rob went to work for an Ambulance Service as a Training Supervisor and for Melbourne Fire & Rescue as a Fire-Medic, where he obtained his third AS Degree in Fire Science. Rob also taught the Paramedic curriculum for Florida Medical Training Institute. His teaching credentials include: CPR Instructor Trainer, ACLS, PALS, and BTLS Instructor and PHTLS Affiliate Faculty.

Now retired from the Fire Service, Rob & Kim are Full Time RVers, touring the U.S. by working for various RV Resorts. Rob & Kim enjoy Kayaking and motorcycling. Rob currently rides a 2003 Goldwing (GL1800), while Kim is customizing her 2002 Suzuki Volusia. Their last Greyhound from GPA, Agnes, passed away on 18 Feb 07, just shy of her 14th Birthday.



Order Of The Maquis
Gold Starburst
MFI Commandation Medal Naval Commendation Medal MFI Achievement Medal
New Member Exam Past Aviation College Dean Comm2 w Honors
Eng6 w honors Law9 w honors leadership Author
LibArts Author Med Dean Marine5 w honors
OCS w Honors SSD2 SOC w Honors
12+ Years Service Echelon Campaign Rank Pin Campaign
Naval Campaigns 3rd Yr Netiquette CompOps Service
MFI VOY Zone1uoy Zone1roy
ZoneVR uoy.jpgZoneVRvoyMilitary Service
Civilian ServiceCommunity ServiceConvention Serv

Squadron Leader

Rob Johnson, FADM

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