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Maquis Forces International Coordinator

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Authorization Orders

To promote a better understanding and openness of the operations of the Administration, FADM Cummings instituted an accounting system of orders issued that has any relevence to the operation of the Organization as a whole, or that should be filed for future usage and noting. Similar to an "Executive Order," Authorization Orders are formally written out statements ordering the execution of some form of action. Orders that are noted with "Executive Privilege" are classified at the discretion of the IC or the CC, and will be unclassified for formal review at the end of the Administration or the order dictates.

'What exactly IS an 'Authorization Order' for?'
The Maquis Forces International Constitution of 2003 vests the executive power of the organization in the International Coordinator. That power is exercised formally by Authorization Orders. Authorization Orders may reassign functions among branches, departments and other agencies of MFI, establish an advisory body, commission, or task force, regulate conduct within MFI as a whole, or proclaim or end an emergency. Once signed by the IC, Authorization Orders are filed on the Website, where the orders are sealed and retained.

Prior to being written, any Order noted with "Executive Privilege" has been passed to the Coordinator Council for review as an "Oversight Committee," and will be declassified as declared needed.

* Authorization Order 3025 - Closing of Administration

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