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Labor Day 2010 Sign-Up Sheet

Click on the [+] tab above to add your Team/Group Subject Line

Remember to supply the following Information (Per the "Article" page):

  • Ships and or Units Participating
  • Each Participating Member's Name AND Member Number (MFI-RM-???)
  • Method of Play - (Electronic Multi-Player Role-Play? Electronic First Person Shooter? Role-Play Board Game? Non-Role-Play Board Game [i.e. Risk, Monopoly, Shoots & Ladders]? Paintball? Laser Tag? etc.)


MFS Impetuous

Planning Committee

MFS Liberty

RS Hecate

ICV Heghnach

MFS Compliance [Battle Group]

MFS Exploration

MFS McNelly

MFS Lafayette

MFS Dominator

MFS Aurora

1 Marine Orbital Assault Battalion

MFS Pathfinder

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