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Maquis Forces International Ships

NOTE: This is only a small selection of classes, MFI's ships are of as many classes as there are backgrounds of our members. When joining, you are not restricted to

any one class; whatever class of ship you manage to commandere is yours!

Ship / Era Picture Logo MFI Ships of Class
Defiant Class
24th Century Corvette
Ship defiant.jpg Defteam.jpg MFS Blackfire
MFS Lafayette
MFS Rotterdam
Galaxy Class
24 Century Exploration Cruiser
Ship galaxy.jpg Galaxy dev logo.jpg MFS Arecibo(SSD)

MFS Freedom
MFS Hell's Fury

Intrepid Class
24th Century Light Cruiser
Ship intrepid.jpg
Miranda Class
23rd Century Light Cruiser
Ship miranda.jpg Miranda class logo.jpg Independence
Micheal Eddington
Nebula Class
24th Century Light Cruiser
Ship nebula.jpg Nebula dev.jpg MFS Nebula

MFS Sutherland

Nova Class
24th Century Frigate
Ship Nova.jpg Nova dev.jpg MFS Solaris

MFS Solstice

Olympic Class
24th Century Hospital Ship
Ship olympic.jpg Olympic dev.jpg MFS Premonition
Maquis Raider (Ju'Day Class)
24th Century Heavy Fighters
Ship Raider.jpg Juday class.jpg MFS Carl Sagan

LP Philliger
MFS Phantom Zone

Peregrine Class
24th Century Heavy Fighters
Ship PereFighter.jpg Peregrine class.jpg Blackbirds

Black Panthers
Screaming Eagles

Romulan D'deridex Class
24th Century Warbird
Ship warbird.jpg LP Pontiac
Klingon Vor'cha Class
24th Century Battlecruiser
Ship vorcha.jpg ICV Heghnach
Danube Class Runabout
Long Range Heavy Shuttle
Ship danube2.jpg Runabout patch-a.jpg MFS Suwannee
LP Cobra
Arrow Class Runabout
Long Range Heavy Shuttle
Ship Arrow.jpg Arrow logo.gif MFS Colorado
MFS Achelois
Constellation class

Early 24th century heavy explorer

Ship conny.jpg USS Forrestal CVA-2859
Sovereign Class

24th century heavy cruiser

Ship sov.jpg Sov dev.jpg MFS Tiberius

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