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Labor Day 2009 Sign-Up Sheet

Click on the [+] tab above to add your Team/Group Subject Line

Remember to supply the following Information (Per the "Article" page):

  • Ships and or Units Participating
  • Each Participating Member's Name AND Member Number (MFI-RM-???)
  • Method of Play - (Electronic Multi-Player Role-Play? Electronic First Person Shooter? Role-Play Board Game? Non-Role-Play Board Game [i.e. Risk, Monopoly, Shoots & Ladders]? Paintball? Laser Tag? etc.)

Sutherland, SEALS Team 1 & Phantom Zone

Rob & Yaz would like to participate:
Main Ships / Units
  • MFS Sutherland - Nebula Class (Carrier Variant)
    • SEALS Team 1
      • MFS Fox - Danube Class (Ground Recon Variant)
      • MFS Hound - Arrow Class (Attack/Countermeasure Variant)

Main Participants:

Method of Play:
  • Electronic "Risk"
    • We will try to link via the Internet, using Computer Generated players to ask as the "Cardassian Players". If we cannot link via the Internet, we shall communicate our moves via Online Chat.

Thanks for your consideration,
Rob J
20 Aug 09

1 MOAB, SEALS Team 5 & SV Spectre

Tyler & Matt and Paul Note all three members will be with TEAM 5 :
Main Ships / Units

Main Participants:

Method of Play:

Paintball, if for some reason we can not use paintball we will than figure another way possibly a table top war game such as Warhammer 40K

Tyler Pugh Aug 22 2009

Admiral Lackey - Member # 35

The following units were primarily featured in the action... the rest were considered in supporting roles.

  • MFS Compliance
    • Compliance Task Group
    • SEALS Team Three
    • VP-16
    • VX-1
    • XSR-109

Perhaps next time we can feature the MCE and Maquis R&D in a more direct role. If we are really industrious... perhaps I'll get around to roughing out some stats and deck plans for Compliance and let her flex her stuff, borg style... LOL
My contribution was primarily role-play and fiction, in addition to assisting with setting the atmosphere for the whole operation in conjunction with Marc. Any decisions were decided if needed via coin toss...

Final list of Participants
These are the participants who took part in the gameplay/roleplay/Writing of the sim. If I've missed anyone, please let me know and I will make corrections.

Bill Absher SgtMaj MFI-RM-815
Mikel Beggs GSGT MFI-RM-56
David Breland FCol MFI-RM-815
Dennis Cross Adm MFI-RM-44
Beverly Cross Cmdr MFI-RM-43
Christina Doane Gen MFI-RM-9
James Doane Civ MFI-RM-199
Earl Dixon Capt MFI-RM-665
Marc Easterly BGen MFI-RM-700
Chad Etter LGen MFI-RM-7
David Ferber COMO MFI-RM-483
Debbie French FCol MFI-RM-19
Larry French LGen MFI-RM-18
Donna Gillis MCPO MFI-RM-772
Steven Gillis SgtMaj MFI-RM-764
Suzi Grossman MCapt MFI-RM-80
Manuel Guajardo Col MFI-RM-728
Jennifer Hawthorne Ens MFI-RM-926
Dawn Hess Lt. MFI-RM-539
Des (Heather) Holsclaw Lt (jg) MFI-RM-541
Robert Johnson FAdm MFI-RM-3
Kim Johnson Capt MFI-RM-68
John Kane SgtMaj MFI-RM-941
JacQuline Kleinsmith 1Lt MFI-RM-204
Civilian Operative Lares MFI-RM-380
Steve Lackey Adm MFI-RM-35
Jason Pack MCapt MFI-RM-925
Frank Parker COMO MFI-RM-690
Donna Parker Capt MFI-RM-715
Tyler Pugh Col MFI-RM-413
Misty Roark 1Lt MFI-RM-853
Robert Roark 1Lt MFI-RM-852
Matthew Russell Maj MFI-RM-872
Heather Scott SgtMaj MFI-RM-419
Ron Seymour USS Hecate MFI-RM-000
Charles Shananaquet II MFI-RM-730
James Westbrook LtCmdr MFI-RM-206
Ralph White Maj MFI-RM-671
Paul Williams FCol MFI-RM-114

Gene Yadzir COMO MFI-RM-362
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