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Backstory of Operation: Rahab

Mission Briefs SEALS Team V
SOC Intel Brief
Alert System

Standing Orders of Task Force: Orange

  • Coordinate operations with Task Force Commander against Orion Syndicates operatives and forces, Specific to disrupting slave trade and related activities.
  • Gather intelligence on any suspected or possible actors operating with Orion Syndicates.
  • Locate and destroy Orion vessels, and any base(s) of operation, end the depredations of Orion slavers on any peoples; and to rescue and relieve any extant slaves and prisoners in Orion holdings; without unduly risking Maquis personnel and ships.

Vessels assigned to Task Force: Orange

MFS Impetuous Flagship: Task Force: Orange
MFS Intrepid II Flagship: Assault Group: Lima
MFS Phantom Assault Group: Lima
MFS Lafayette Assault Group: Lima
MFS Hell's Fury Flagship: Battle Group: 19
MFS Liberty Flagship: Battle Group: 7
MRV Areinnye Battle Group: 7
MFS Sutherland Flagship: Battle Group: 8
MFS Phantom Zone Battle Group: 8
MFS Sea of Tranquility Battle Group: 8
ICV Heghnach Flagship Battle Group: 9
MFS Compliance Flagship: Reserve Battle Group: 1
RS Hecate Flying Squadron
MFS Mercy Medical support

Units assigned to Task Force: Orange

544th Marine Assault Group Attack Force: Alpha

7th Armored Cavalry Regiment Attack Force: Beta
511th Marine Assault Group Attack Force: Charlie
1st Marine Orbital Assault Battalion Attack Force: Kilo
SEALS Team 1 Attack Force: Sehlat Mission
SEALS Team 3 Special Reaction Force Mission
SEALS Team 4 Attack Force: Juliet
SEALS Team 5 Attack Force: Z
SEALS Team 6 Attack Force: Daqtagh
3rd S.O.A.R.Transport/Air support for Naval SpecOps units
VP-16, VX-1, XSR-109, & Forward Base “Jack Box” Observation post and covert strike base-- vicinity Atbar VI
Listening Post 8 Rearm/Refuel station for Special Operations units
8722nd StarFighter Wing Fleet BARCAP Group Alpha
8055th StarFighter Wing Fleet RESCAP Group
1st Recon Company Attack Force: Mevak Command Element
12th Recon Company Attack Force: Mevak
69th Recon Company Attack Force: Mevak

Setting The Stage


Last years "Labor Day Offensive" was such a success that we decided to do it again. But, this time we wanted to raise the level of realism as much as possible. One of the things we've tried to do is, have the CNO issue "orders" to the CO's of the involved chapters sending them to M.S.S. Seventeen. Some orders contained stipulations to meet with a fictional ship and take on cargo of an undisclosed nature. M.S.S. Seventeen is located along the Cardassian/Maquis border and, the staging area for Operation: Rahab.

There isn't alot of information available for worlds of the Cardassian Union, or worlds within the Badlands. Much of what we do is non "canon" anyway, so we "created" the worlds we needed for this campaign.


Labor Day '08
The only real rule at this time for participation is, that all parties involved with the campaign game out their mission. This can be literally any game system you and your chapter choose to use. Last year we used Battletechfor the Mekk part of our action. Splinter Cell for Xbox for some of the Recon action, some chapters even used Risk

This year the crew of the Impetuous used Wizards of the Coasts D20 Modern RPG to resolve much of the action. Crew members "rolled up" several characters each and gamed out the action of several SEALS Team members and Epsilon team actions.

Ships will be fitted with an "experimental" cloaking device. Orders that "No Maquis vessel be allowed to fall into enemy hands" go with this temporary upgrade.

For further details see the Task Force Commanders Briefing
Rules of Engagement

The Hammer Falls

Operational plan


1 Week before Op: Rahab begins

Team 5 Deployment

SEALS Teams 1, 3, 4, and 5 are deployed to target worlds.

Electronic warfare ships enter the target systems and begin monitoring all communications traffic.

0300 D-Day, One hour before

Electronic Warfare ships take up positions around the target systems and prepare to "jam" outgoing transmissions, and monitor for any incoming communications traffic.

0330 D-Day, 30 Minutes prior to hostilities

SEALS Team 1 begins their attack on the 904th Aerospace wings base.
SEALS Team 3 initiates stealth penetration of assigned Orion Stronghold.

0350 D-Day, Ten minutes before the attack begins

SEALS Teams 4 and 5 begin their attacks on the Orbital Defense Grid command centers, knocking down the defense satellites.

0400 H-Hour

Vicinity Atbar VI

MFS Impetuous de-cloaks in front of the main Cardassian fleet.

Impetuous issued a few threatening statements for distraction, then opened fire on the lead ship in the formation; Battle Group 9 consisting of the ICV Heghnach assumed a position around the Borad (the flagship of the 27th’s fleets). As soon as the shooting started, Heghnach de-cloaked and fired several photon torpedoes and phaser bursts causing serious damage to the Borad. The Cardassian flagship returned fire on the Heghnach damaging her. Heghnach fired another salvo of weapons destroying the Borad.

Simultaneously, Battle Group 8 consisting of MFS Sutherland, MFS Phantom Zone, and MFS Sea of Tranquility began deploying their fighters while attacking the Cardassian fleets from the rear.
Elements detached from Compliance Task Group initiated planned diversion/trap at Atbar VI to lure orbiting Cardassian ships into pusuit. Several vessels took the bait, resulting in significant reduction of the enemy forces when Maquis R&D's experimental "Remora-II" engaged.
The Flying Squadron consisting of RS Hecate began attacking the remaining fleet assets over Atbar VI Battle Group 7 consisting of MFS Liberty and MRV Arreinnye, began attacking the reserve fleet over the third planet in the solar system. Liberty danced through the Cardassian formation using a new experimental torpedo to devastating effect.
Arreinnye pounded the enemy vessels with her phasers and torpedo batteries.

As soon as the fleet was neutralized, all vessels began deploying their Marine units down to the surface to engage the ground forces of the 27th Cardassian Guards.

At Goralis IV

At 0400:

Assault Groups Lima, consisting of MFS Phantom, MFS Lafayette, and Assault Group 19 consisting of MFS Hell’s Fury, begin their attack on the Traidy Syndicate fleets over Goralis IV.
MFS Compliance Reserve Battle Group 1 took position to intercept any surviving enemy fleet vessels escaping Atbar VI from impacting Goralis IV operations.

After the fleet was neutralized, all battle groups began deploying their Marine units down to the planets surface to engage the ground forces of the Traidy Syndicate.


Attack Force Mevak: After Action Report
7th Armored Cav After Action Report
544th MAG After Action Report
511th MAG After Action Report
Battle Group 7 After Action Report
Compliance Task Force: Reserve Battle Group 1 Action Reports
Attack Force Z: After Action Report

Political Impact

The Cardassian Union is condemning the Maquis for what is being called "an unprovoked attack on the sovereign territory of the Cardassian Union".

The United Federation of Planets has promised sanctions against the Maquis for the act of aggression. Sources indicate that some officials at Starfleet are thankful that the Traidy Syndicate has been put out of business. Starfleet vessels will immediately begin more frequent patrols of the Maquis/Cardassian D.M.Z. to prevent further attacks by either side.

Maquis officials have stated that "the attack was a surgical strike to capture a genocidal war criminal, and to destroy the rogue troops he commanded. The destruction of the Traidy Syndicate was a police action to protect the people of the Maquis".

  • As a side note, I wanted to give credit to two people whom I have had the pleasure to know, who have taught me a great deal about waging war. They are:

Brigadier General (ret) Fleming "Granpa Flem" Pickering USMCR
Colonel (ret.) Kenneth R. "Uncle Ken" McCoy USMCR

"Old Marines never die, they just go to hell and regroup"

Marc E.

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