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MFS Compliance Auxilary Support Vessels

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Carried aboard MFS Compliance

TBD Image:VFA-35 Peregrine fighter

Deck Plan

Fighter Attack Squadron 35

An oversized squadron of 12-Peregrine class Tactical Support Fighters. Several at any given time may be fited with experimental systems being evaluated for MFI R&D.

  • VFA-35 "Space Wolves"
  • Call sign "AJ-5xx"
    • AJ-501 thru AJ-512
    • Operates in six flights of two

TBD Image:VS-24 Arrow class

Ares class
Artemis class
Apollo class
Berserker class

Space Control Squadron 24

  • VS-24 "Scouts"
  • Call sign "AJ-8xx"
  • Primarily a small fleet of enhanced attack shuttles [normally 7] optimized for fleet warfare with mass delivery systems, targeting sensors, and weapons loads superior to many larger ships. Intended for short to medium duration battle. Comprised of:
    • 1-Arrow/Ares class Tactical Command ship [AJ-801]
    • 3-Arrow/Artemis class Hunter-Interceptor ships [AJ-802, -803, -804]
    • 2-Arrow/Apollo class Destroyer ships [AJ-805, -806]
    • 1-Arrow/Berserker class Hunter-Killer ship [AJ-807]


TBD Image:MRS-4 Ju'Day Raider Arrow class

MRS-4 T-Rex class Salvage Raider
Valkyrie class

Recovery Salvage Squadron 4

Frequently the MFS Compliance is tasked with supporting Research missions involving Maquis Salvage operations. The Maquis Corp of Engineers (MCE) operates several disbursed ship assets throughout the Badlands to facilitate rapid response as needed. These particular ships of MRS-4 are normally based aboard Compliance.

  • MRS-4 "JOATs"
  • Call sign "RS-4x"
  • 1-Raider/T-Rex class Salvage ship [RS-41] -- Specially outfitted cargo Raider. Only two photon launchers with minimal mixed stores. Has added two borg tech cutting/tractor beams for salvage and towing missions. Cloak is available for sensitive missions. Oversized cargo transporter. Maximized cargo bay space. Additional power generators.
  • 2-Arrow/Valkyrie class Salvage runabouts [RS-42, RS-43]

Maquis Ju'Day Raider

SEALS Team Three (III)


(SEa Air Land Space) SEALS Team Three represents one of
several premiere special operative Naval teams in the Maquis.
Frequently called upon to engage in sensitive classified
operations, they like most SEALS teams are
forward deployed aboard key Maquis vessels, ready to spring
into action at a moments notice.

Arrow class

  • When not tasked with a mission, the team is constantly honing their skills and training to remain at the elite edge of the community of special operatives.
  • In addition to their primary team assignment, each member is expected to train to maintain proficency in multiple mission and fleet skills:
    • Medical
    • Ship Engineering
    • Combat Engineering
    • Weapons & Munitions, both conventional and improvised
    • Linguistics
    • Computer Systems
    • Stealth & Evasion
    • Unarmed Combat
    • Personal mind resistance/blocking techniques
    • Zero-G/Extreme Environment operations & survival
    • (Classified)
    • Others...
  • Frequently utilizes specially configured Arrow class ships when conducting ops

Trek Bar

Badlands Flyer

Other Vessels

Type-9 Shuttle

Arrow class

  • Arrow class runabouts
    • Normally 4 assigned
    • All are capable of being reconfigured for multiple mission parameters using the complete complement of module selections carried aboard Compliance

Cheyenne Drop Ship

  • Cheyenne class Surface Operation Drop Ship
    • Normally 4 assigned
    • Call sign "GJ-xx"
    • A heavy, combat rated, oversized, armed shuttle
      • While capable of operation from orbit to surface, best suited for near surface support, insertions, and extractions
      • Limited emergency transporter capability
      • Composite ablative armour/shielding
      • Experimental Emergency Holographic Autopilot (EHA) program on some models
    • Used to insert and extract small teams of Operatives and equipment for surface missions
      • May carry "Argo" style ATV buggies, HGW-1888 "Heavy Grav Bikes", or an M-557 "Terrapin" APC
    • Also tasked with providing security for special R&D missions when surface risks are a concern
    • Capable of providing its own heavy ordnance support
      • Each ship carries two modular Micro-Torpedo Launcher weapons pods. These launchers each carry 20 Mark XXV Micro-Torpedoes, smaller versions of the traditional ship based torpedoes, with a yield making surgical strikes against hostile ground forces and other land based targets ideal.
      • Two additional hardpoints allow special mission-specific pods to be affixed as required
      • Each Ship is also equipted with 6 Type-V primary Phaser arrays and 2 Type-III Rapid Fire Point Defense phaser units

M-557 Terrapin APC

  • M-557 "Terrapin" APC
    • Provides armored surface transport under extreme combat conditions
      • Utilized by SEALS teams, Special Operative teams, Assault teams, and Combat Engineering teams
      • May also serve for combat MEDEVAC missions when situations and/or conditions limit use of Transporters or Shuttles
    • Designed to be carried by Cheyenne class Surface Operation Drop Ships
      • Maximum of one per Drop Ship
      • Limited power reserves
    • Configured with a retractable weapons pod, stows at rear of APC to facilitate transport
      • Two weapon hard points within pod normally outfitted per mission profile with a combination of weapons. Possible selections include: Disrupters, Hyper-Velocity Slug Throwers, Type-III Rapid Fire Point Defense Phasers, Photon Mortar Shell Launcher
    • Equipted with one Type-V phaser array for 360 degree coverage
    • Forward mounted weapons hardpoint normally installed with a Heavy Variable Harmonic Phaser Pulse Canon

Work Pod

  • Utility Craft: Work Pod
    • Small craft useful for materials handling, inspections, and ships maintenance
    • Typically carries 30-40 available craft
    • Stored tucked away in bays located all over the ship near access portals

WorkBee craft

  • Utility Craft: WorkBee
    • Larger craft useful for medium materials handling and heavier maintenance activity
    • Typically has 20 to 25 available for use
    • Located in hanger bay areas amoungst larger craft

Intelligence Note

Unknown fighters?

Five unusual ships were recently spotted being transfered from a Ju'Day Class freighter to MFS Compliance. These appear to be some sort of fighter variant. More to come...

Trek Bar

Normally assigned to MFS Compliance Task Force

TBD Image:VP-16 Ju'Day Raider


Patrol Squadron 16

Patrol squadrons often perform a wide range of duties. While capable of performing sensor barrier surveilance of areas of space using four Bermuda class ships, it should be remembered that the same sensor launchers can also deploy devastating attacks using munitions such as Standard Photon Torpedos, Phased Torpedos, and Quantum Torpedos. The two Dodge City class ships working singly in teams with the two Rock Ridge class ships are able to conduct intercept and boarding operations with suspicious vessels. The experimental Trapper class sensor ship may operate in support of any of her squadron sister ships or may be detached for weeks at a time working on special operations.

  • VP-16 "War Eagles"
  • Call sign "LF-x"
VP16 "War Eagles"
  • Patrol-Interdiction squadron comprised of:
    • 4-Raider/Bermuda class Patrol ships [LF-1, LF-2, LF-3, LF-4]
    • 2-Raider/Dodge City class Intercept-Boarding ships [LF-5, LF-6]
    • 2-Raider/Rock Ridge class Attack ships [LF-7, LF-8]
      • Each carries 1 Peregrine class Tactical Support Fighter [LF-71, LF-81]
    • 1-Raider/Trapper experimental Long Range Surveilance ship [LF-9]
      • Operated in conjunction with technicians belonging to Maquis R&D
      • Uses classified sensor technology to observe friendly/unfriendly units prior to warping into the area, allowing detailed battle plans to be implemented prior to the enemy knowing what is happening
      • Enhanced sensors also enable the location of nearby units using all known cloaking technology encountered thus far

TBD Image:VX-1 Ju'Day Raider Arrow class


Research & Development Squadron 1

  • VX-1 "Dexters"
  • Call sign "AX-xx"
  • Normally the day-to-day complement of this squadron varies depending on which ships and systems are currently under evaluation by MFI R&D. Vessels which are extended warp capable normally travel with the task force but are sometimes detached for special missions or tests. Smaller vessels are normally transported by larger ships. This is a composite squadron presently including:
    • 5-Raider/Brazos class Countermeasures ships [AX-11, AX-12, AX-13, AX-14, AX-15]
      • Each carries 5 specially outfitted "Wild Weasel" Type 9 shuttles
      • [call sign examples for AX-11: AX-11001, AX-11002, AX-11003, AX-11004, AX-11005]
    • 1-Arrow/Thor class Weapons-Countermeasures ship [AX-6]
    • 2-Arrow/Loki class Special Ops ships [AX-007, AX-009]


FYI: The above image is a composite of two images:
[[Image:BorgMFILogoBar001FULL.png]] and [[Image:MFI-RC-112088.jpg|200px]]

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